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Top 10 Things To Do At Your Condo Garage

1.  Collect.  Whether your passion is cars, motorcycles, boats, sports memorabilia, retro video games or artwork, a condo garage is the perfect place to enjoy the things that bring a smile to your face.

2.  DIY.  If you enjoy a hands-on approach to projects, a condo garage gives you the space you need to do it yourself. 

3.  Gather.   Do you like spending time with your family and friends?  Invite them to your condo garage for a theme party, a potluck, an evening of board games or to watch the big game.

4.  Exercise.  Add a treadmill, stationary bike, weights and yoga mat to your mezzanine and you have your own personal gym at your condo garage.

5. Learn.  Discover hobbies you don’t have room for at home at your condo garage.  Enjoy painting, wood working, pottery, yoga, dance or whatever your interest may be. 

6. Watch.  Set up a home theater in your condo garage complete with popcorn and comfortable seating and have a movie night.  

7.  Listen.  A condo garage is the perfect place to install the sound system you always wanted to enjoy to your vinyl collection.

8.  Groom.  Why take your pet to the groomers or get your house dirty, when you can do it at the condo garage?

9. Read.   Start a book club and have your meetings at your condo garage.  Or catch up on that pile of books you have been meaning to read in a different space.

10.  Unwind.  Sometimes you just need a moment to put your feet up and relax.  A condo garage gives you the space and privacy to do just that.

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